Who We Are

Lindsay Millan - Massage Therapist

Although Lindsay was born in the Okanagan, she was raised in Central Newfoundland, a place where both communities and families grow strong. During her early career, she spent 13 years working with individuals having varying levels of spinal cord injury, and truly learned a lot about the human body. She then took her education and worked in Corporate, Real Estate, and Commercial Law for 5 years in Vancouver, before returning to her roots in manual therapy as a Registered Massage Therapist. She maintains a strong hand in local arts development and presentation and is a folk musician that tours music festivals in the summer.

Lindsay feels lucky to have built her home in the Okanagan, and has been pleased to treat not only our community but has had the honor of treating some of North America’s top athletes!

As a graduate of the 3000 hour program, Lindsay has built her practice by focusing on thorough orthopaedic assessment of both common and lesser common conditions, and uses evidence-based therapeutic massage, a more medical approach to musculoskeletal care, in conjunction with educating the client in self-applied care, to alleviate both chronic and acute pain in the body.


Leanne Yarrow - Physiotherapist

Leanne is a recent Masters of Physiotherapy graduate from Queen’s University, who is well versed with the latest in evidence-based clinical practice techniques and assessment methodologies. Most recently, she has completed her acupuncture courses through Acupuncture Canada as well as further training in vestibular rehabilitation.  She completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology degree and earned a distinction at the University of Calgary with a major in Exercise Physiology. After her Bachelor’s Degree, Leanne worked as an outdoor guide and instructor for rock climbing, hiking, backcountry skiing and sea kayaking.

During university, Leanne enjoyed playing soccer and squash as well as participating in jujitsu and judo where she earned her brown belt. Leanne’s interest includes snowboarding, rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, camping and walking her dog. Although both her work and school have taken Leanne all over Canada, she is looking forward to rediscovering the Okanagan lifestyle not far from where she grew up. Through her sport and academic career, she has created a passion to pursue physiotherapy as a career.

Leanne is a member of the Sports Medicine BC and the BC section of Sports Physiotherapy Canada. She also a member of Acupuncture Canada and offers acupuncture as part of a comprehensive treatment along with manual therapy and exercise prescription for all musculoskeletal disorders whether they are cause whether by sports, car accidents, or everyday life.  Leanne believes that taking the time to listen to her clients, as well as explaining the clinical reasoning behind the injury and treatments, are essential to successful outcomes. Leanne has a special interest in pursuing further post-graduate qualifications in manual therapy and sports physiotherapy.


Nicola Gildersleeve - Massage Therapist

Born and raised in North Vancouver, Nicola is excited to be relocated to Vernon. She comes to us as a graduate from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in Vernon, BC. She holds a Bachelor in Human Kinetics (UBC- 2008), with a focus on Health and Fitness.

Prior to going back to school for Massage Therapy Nicola worked as a Personal Trainer and running coach. Not limiting herself to just one sport, Nicola played varsity basketball for Capilano College and received All-American accolades running track and field and cross country for UBC. It was early on in her running career that Nicola discovered Massage Therapy and it helped her recover from common overuse running injuries and later in prevention.

Nicola is passionate about helping other people reach their health and wellness goals and through continuing education is dedicated to advancing her knowledge to help serve her patients. Through proper assessments, Nicola takes it upon herself to figure out WHY her patients are experiencing dysfunction/pain and seek to correct muscle imbalances by prescribing therapeutic exercises.

To help her clients achieve pain free-functional movement, Nicola leans towards deep-tissue modalities, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release and muscle energy techniques. Nicola is especially interested in furthering her knowledge in craniosacral therapy and osteopathic techniques.

Outside the clinic, Nicola is a competitive trail and road ultramarathon runner. Her biggest athletic accomplishments include wins at Fat Dog 120mi, Tarawera 100k, Stormy 50mi, Knee Knacker 50k, Yakima 50k, Dirty Duo 50k and Sun Mountain 50k. She also holds the female Fastest Known Time on the 180k Sunshine Coast Trail. When she isn’t running, Nicola enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking and ski touring.


Allison Witvoet - Holistic Nutrition (website)

Allison grew up in Manitoba and has been working as a pharmacist for over 20 years.  She has viewed 'health' and 'lack of health' from many different angles.  Her many years of experience in community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, and oncology have helped her to understand that there are many factors in keeping our bodies healthy and well.  There is the angle of appropriate medication use where she has spent much of her focus over the years, but there is also the angle of lifestyle habits and nutrition, which is an area where she has developed a keen interest in more recent years, after discovering first hand how important these factors really are to one's health and well being.

Allison didn't EVER dream that she'd become a holistic nutritionist!  She's a pharmacist after all....wouldn't that be a contradiction?!!  As a daughter of avid vegetable gardeners, she always thought that she ate healthily and lived a fairly balanced lifestyle.  However, a few years ago she was faced with an autoimmune diagnosis that really took a toll on her health.  She found astounding relief in learning from a holistic nutritionist who taught her specific diet and lifestyle measures that helped her to rediscover her energy, clarity, and hope. She realized that although she was eating fairly healthy, the choices that she was making weren't necessarily supporting her body and she was determined to figure out why.

She dove deep into the nitty-gritty details and discovered some of the pieces of the puzzle that she was missing.  From that point on her interest in nutrition and lifestyle awareness grew into a surprising passion and she studied her way to obtaining a Registered Holistic Nutrition diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2017.  She also realized that her two careers didn't have to contradict one another, but that they could, in fact, complement one another nicely and she continues to practice as a pharmacist today.  Allison has realized that she finds great joy in helping people find the missing pieces to their own health puzzle, as she remembers all too well how it felt to be without energy and hope.  If you find yourself in this place, then she would love the opportunity to work with you!  Learn More...


Megan Beaton - Massage Therapist

Megan is a recent graduate from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy and is excited to put all that learning into practice.

Her treatments incorporate relaxation massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, sports massage, joint mobilizations, and hydrotherapy, and are focused on your goals, whether you’re looking for treatment of injury, performance sports massage or a restorative break.

She is a mountain girl at heart and is happiest outside rain or shine. She is passionate about deep powder turns and long steep tree runs and will go anywhere in a canoe so long as there is room for the coffee maker.