Shoulder Massage

After at least 15 years of low back and SI joint pain and stiffness, I am finally free of the constant ‘tooth ache in the hip’, thanks to Steve’s physiotherapy treatments. I had been going to chiropractors and massage therapists, which seemed to help in the short-term, but it was Steve’s assessment and treatment that brought immediate and lasting relief. Steve honed in on areas that I had no idea were an issue, and with the neurokinetic approach and exercises, he discovered why I’d been suffering for so long. I also highly appreciate that Steve stays with his patient for the entire appointment time, working intently on the issue, rather than shuttling around the physiotherapy room, compartmentalizing his time between several other patients on beds behind curtains, as has been my experience with other physiotherapists. I have been able to return to my cycling, long distance walking and my passion, gardening, knowing that I’m not going to be all kinked-up afterward. Thank you as well, Steve, for giving me back pain-free sleep, the best thing of all!

— Wendy Lane
Elementary teacher

I totally ruptured my Achilles Tendon in November 2014. I received non-surgical treatment in an air boot/cast for ten weeks. I started Physiotherapy Treatment with Steve Witvoet in January 2015.
I was very happy with Steve’s approach in assessing my injury and designing a weekly progressive exercise program to achieve my recovery goal. I have just completed my tenth session with Steve
and am totally satisfied with my progress. I recommend Steve for any of your Physiotherapy needs.

— Doug Harrington

Shoulder Massage

I contacted Steve Witvoet for help with a nagging shoulder injury that was hampering my efforts to train for an upcoming surf trip.  I was impressed with Steve’s approach to treatment and knowledge of surfing as he quickly focused on my sport-specific goals and designed a specialized set of exercises to deal with my injury.  I found it especially helpful that Steve was able to design unique exercises that strengthened not only my shoulder but also developed other important muscle groups that I use when paddling and surfing; he helped me build my shoulder strength and my core simultaneously.  The proof, however, is in the outcome.  I surfed for 2 weeks straight with no pain and felt stronger than ever in the water.  Thank you Steve!

— Gary Wessels


Shoulder Massage

On my way home from work on July 14th, 2011, I was in a cycling accident .  A truck had pulled out from a stop sign and hit me, pinning me under my bike. Although I had no broken bones, I sustained a nasty crushed calf injury, as well as a lot of all-over bruising. I began massage therapy appointments immediately, and two weeks later I was cleared to start physiotherapy as part of my rehabilitation.  My goal was to be back on my bike by September 1st so I could train for a 220km ride in early October.  I chose Steve Witvoet from Thrive Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic because I know he is a Registered Sports Physiotherapist.  Immediately, I knew I had come to the right person.  He stated at the outset that his focus would be functional rehabilitation, and that was what I wanted – a return to full function.  Every appointment Steve assessed where I was at and then challenged me to push myself.  The exercises he gave me for a home routine were challenging, but never beyond my capabilities; he set up my programme so that I would succeed. On August 22nd I was able to go on a short ride with my husband on our tandem bike and I was cleared to begin a graduated return to work. I was able to complete the 220km ride in October and by the end of November I was discharged from physiotherapy.  I believe Steve’s skilled management of my recovery was a huge part of my success.

— Shirley Malnis


Shoulder Massage

After suffering an extensive knee injury that prevented me from bearing any weight on my injured leg, I was left unable to perform the duties of my physically demanding job and my preferred activities.  I was receiving physiotherapy, but not seeing any results.  I was well aware that my expedient and full recovery would require much hard work.  What I needed was a progressive sport physiotherapist who would push me to my rehabilitation limits.   I discussed this with my specialist and he subsequently referred me to Steve Witvoet.  Steve not only treated my injury, he challenged my entire body, focussing on strengthening my core.  Within a couple of weeks I noticed a remarkable improvement in the strength and stability of my knee that continued in the months that followed.  Four months later I am very pleased to say that I run up to 5 miles, four times a week, and am regularly weight training.  I can say for certain that Steve’s approach to rehabilitation has been the reason for my returning to the activities and work that I was partaking in prior to the injury.  I cannot thank Steve enough.

— Matt Rattee


In February 2011, I suffered a ‘minor’ knee injury, and the prognosis was a ‘sprain’ and that Shoulder MassageI should suck it up, do rehab and get over it….well I tried that… 6 months later I was still in pain, hobbling through spin class and not progressing. Into my life came Steve, and my world started to ‘spin’ once again. His assessment our very first day set his professional tone: he checked areas of my knee that no-one else had ever looked at. He twisted, he flexed, he probed and he listened to me. Right away he knew I had a much bigger problem than had been diagnosed and he immediately started me on a different track of physio. The regimen he set for me was precise, progressive and instantly successful. I highly recommend Steve Witvoet as his analysis is extensive, his knowledge base is unquestionably sound, and most importantly, he listened to me: he heard my voice.
— Samanth Plovie
Feng Shui Practitioner


Shoulder MassageI first met Steve Witvoet while in rehab following a traumatic spinal cord injury in 2004. Even though he was a student at the time, he very quickly became the most trusted member of my medical team. Steve’s unique ability to identify his clients’ needs, both immediate and future, allow clients to deal with their most pressing issues while at the same time working towards future fitness goals. Steve saw and respected the athlete in me at a time when most medical professionals didn’t, and his support and positive energy greatly accelerated my return to independent living and international sport. Vernon is privileged to have such a fantastic physio available!
— Jessica Vliegenthart,
Team Canada Wheelchair Basketball
2010 World Bronze Medalists


Shoulder MassageI was amazed and delighted with Steve Witvoet’s approach in helping me solve my health issues. In a totally non-judgmental manner, he determined the nature of my injuries, both chronic and catastrophic, and with determined kindness and skill, he worked to relieve the problems. Steve was very creative and showed great competency in helping me. Thank you so much.
— Mark Reynolds, BSc(Pharm)


Shoulder MassageI work doing a job that is physically demanding, and at the beginning of my season I could hardly walk up-right from my back pain. After just one session with Steve I felt tremendously better. He taught me stretches that I now do regularly and I have been able to maintain the pace that my job demands. I have also been able to ride my dirtbike like a 20 year old again!! Thanks Steve…
— Herb Wiebe


Shoulder MassageOver the years I have had shoulder and knee issues, and now with a second ACL repair, I needed to return to physiotherapy in Vernon. Not only did Steve Witvoet teach me to treat the injury and manage recovery, but he also went deeper with his extensive knowledge and experience of the body to investigate the root causes of my injury.   This was helpful in predicting and preparing me for future areas of concern. In his personal life he is also physically active and understands the athlete’s mind and body. In short, he knows his stuff. I feel completely confident in his expertise and recommend him for all of your Vernon physiotherapy or sports injury rehab.
— Jon Buller: singer, songwriter, snowboarder


Shoulder MassageSteve’s energy and strong physiotherapy knowledge helped me both through some tough times as well as some tough rehabilitation. He is a great guy and I would strongly recommend his services.
— Corey McCallum