Our Philosophy

We chose the name Thrive because we liked the idea of a person striving to thrive in all areas of their life. To us, Thrive represents health and growth. Our goal is to work with our patients in a healthy and professional manner to help them reach their maximum potential in physical health. We want to help them in their journey of “striving to thrive”.

Thrive Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic is comprised of a highly skilled university trained physiotherapist specialized in orthopedic and sports therapy rehabilitation, and a registered massage therapist who has had an extensive competitive sporting background along with a keen interest in sports related injuries.  Both are interested in helping you overcome injury and find the path to optimal health.

Our one-on-one treatments allow for a thorough history, detailed assessment, and a personalized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. Having the undivided attention of your therapist allows for an individualized plan to help you reach your goals. At Thrive Physiotherapy in Vernon, we are dedicated to provide the best possible treatments for all types of injuries. We treat people of all ages with a wide variety of injuries including ICBC clients.  Check out previous clients feedback regarding their experience here at Thrive Physiotherapy.