Diploma Sport Physiotherapist

In 1982, a post graduate education system was implemented within Sport Physiotherapy Canada to maintain a high standard of professional care. This Credential Program provides graduate physiotherapists with the skills to support athletes in the entire continuum of sport. From the casual recreationalist to an Olympic athlete, developing and refining certain skills allows sport physiotherapists to offer the best treatment, as well as fitness development to those they work with.
Since first becoming a physiotherapist, I have been working with many different sports teams logging hours, writing assignments, and taking both written and practical exams, working towards the goal of getting my Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy. Recently, I drove to Calgary to take my final exam in this lengthy process and have received word that all my hard work has paid off. I can use the title: “Sport Physiotherapist”
Of all the physiotherapists in the Okanagan, at this point in time, there are only two of us in Vernon, three in Kelowna, and one in Kamloops.
It feels good to have taken this path to completion, but learning never ends. Now, I will continue on with more manual therapy courses to refine my hands-on skills and continue offering the best to my clients.

Steve Witvoet
Diploma Sport Physiotherapist